Alyssa Trego

· Rochester, NY ·

I'm an engineer, software developer, and self-starter with a current focus on REST APIs, Flask web applications, and relational SQL databases with Python. While my strongest language is Python, I'm always interested in learning new languages and stacks. My favorite thing about software development is there is always something new to learn, and I'm most motivated when working on challenging projects.


Software Developer


Freelance software developer with front and back-end project experience. In a typical day, I commonly use Visual Studio Code (amped up with extensions to perform like an IDE), Github and Github Desktop, Postman for APIs, and most recently, DB Browser for SQLite. Some of my recent project work includes the following:

  • Flask web applications with relational SQL databases and Jinja2 engine templates
  • Built and managed project databases with SQLAlchemy, SQLite, and PostgreSQL
  • Used Python, Selenium, Beautiful Soup, and Pandas to scrape, mine, clean, and export data for the purpose of populating and testing project databases and web applications.
  • Developed AI Python chatbots, games, and data manipulation scripts. Jupyter notebooks for documentation.
  • Worked with Jupyter notebooks to write and test Python code, then documented with Markdown.
  • Consuming REST APIs and executing requests with Postman.
  • Developed web application and MySQLi database using PHP, CSS, and XAMPP. Implemented backend secure coding practices per OWASP guidance to help prevent SQL injection and protect passwords within the database even in the case of a breach. Methods used include prepared statements, error handling, validating user inputs, data sanitization, password hashing etc.
  • Web development using Hugo, Bootstrap v5.0, Node.js, Sass (CSS preprocessor), and CSS.
August 2019 - Present

Civil Engineer I, II

MRB Group

Responsible for working on data-driven designs for large hydraulic networks. Duties included: working with end-users to conceptualize solutions, obtaining data, visualizing data, performing necessary calculations, and completing design for production. Other common duties included technical writing, producing engineering documentation, and creating i/o schedules for SCADA coordination. Click here to see a diagram I created to summarize a project I lead in 2020.

January 2016 - December 2020

Project Coordinator (intern)

The Pike Company

Managed project communications between engineers, architects, and contractors; tasks included creating, managing and editing technical specifications, submittals, RFIs, and site plans. Awarded Intern of the Year award (see below).

May 2013 - May 2014


Certifications and Other

(Certificates here)
Python (Linkedin Skill Assessment Badge)
Databases with PostgreSQL (CodeCademy Certificate)
HTML (CodeCademy Certificate)
Command Line (CodeCademy Certificate)

Rochester Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science
Civil Engineering
May 2016

Corning Community College

Associate of Science

Engineering Science
Relevant Curriculum: C++

May 2011

Certifications In-Progress

Learn DevOps: The Complete Kubernetes Course (Udemy) - October 2021
Mastering Ansible (Udemy) - October 2021
AWS Certified Developer - Associate 2020 (A Cloud Guru) - December 2021
React (CodeCademy) - October 2021
Build Python Web Apps with Flask (CodeCademy) - September 2021


  • Intern of the Year @ The Pike Company


  • I'm creating a software development blog and will be making it public sometime in Fall 2021. I created it in order to share greater detail about the projects I'm working on, the way I approach development projects, tips and notes with other developers, and anything else tech related that I find interesting or helpful. I also love to write, so it's a fitting and creative project for me. I'll be posting the link here when it does launch. I hope you'll check it out!